DTPMP has excellent scale and corrosion inhibition


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DTPMP is non-toxic, easily soluble in acid solution. DTPMP has excellent scale and corrosion inhibition and good temperature tolerance ability. DTPMP can inhibit the scale formation of carbonate and sulfate. In alkaline environment and high temperature (above 210℃), phosphonates in water treatment its scale inhibition performance is better than other organic phosphine.

DTPMP can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system and boiler water, especially in alkali circulating cool water without additional pH regulation. It can also be used in oilfield refill water, cool water and boiler water with high concentration of barium carbonate. When used alone, little scale sediment is found even without using dispersant.
DTPMP can also be used as peroxide stabilizer (especially under the condition of high temperature, the stability of hydrogen peroxide is very good), as chelating agent in woven & dyeing industry, as pigment dispersant, as oxygen delignification stabilizer, as microelement’s carrying agent in fertilizer, and as concrete additive.
In addition, DTPMP is also used in papermaking, electroplating, metal pickling and cosmetics. It can also be used as stabilizer for oxidizing bactericide.

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